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RoseCheckers for CERT Secure Coding Standards for C and C++ checks


Rosecheckers is a static analysis tool for C/C++ source code. Specifically, it applies the CERT Secure Coding Standards for C and C++ checks.

In general, relative to cppcheck or "gcc -wall" it reports more issues - not all of which are cause for concern. See previous article where Static Analysis Signal-to-Noise was discussed.

Setup Rosecheckers

Rosecheckers depends on Rose compiler which in turn depdens on Boost.

A pre-built VM is available at However, this is ~3.7GB.

Having played with this via VirtualBox, it is not as convenient to use as via a Docker container.

For convenience, a pre-built Docker container will be used.

Build the container

sudo docker pull kontotto/rosecheckers # grab an existing rosechecker docker container

Run the container

cd ./Hello # change current/present working dir to Hello where hello.c/h lives

sudo docker run -i  -v $(pwd):/home/ -t kontotto/rosecheckers rosecheckers /home/hello.c > Rosecheckers.txt  # from host machine, run rosechecker in docker container mapping dir containing hello.c into container, and store results in Rosecheckers.txt

Example Output

This is a short extract of the output

hello.c:10: error: STR37-C: Arguments to character-handling functions must be representable as an unsigned char
hello.c:15: warning: INT07-C: Use only explicitly signed or unsigned char type for numeric values
hello.c:24: warning: EXP09-C: malloc called using something other than sizeof()

We can then look at a detailed explanation of each issue