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PlantUML Open Security Architecture Icons


Open Security Architecture (OSA) is an excellent resource for security architects providing a catalog of controls, patterns, and requirements from numerous standards, governance frameworks, legislation and regulations. See "why have OSA?".

Resources include a security architecture icon library available under a "Creative Commons share-alike license".

Wouldn't it be great if this icon set was available for PlantUML so I, and other architects, could use it with our PlantUML diagrams.... Indeed, so here it is:

The next sections walk thru how this was created. (See for an introduction to PlantUML)

Converting the icon set to PlantUML Sprites

  1. Download the security architecture icons and extract them into a directory e.g. "osaicons".
  2. Configure and/or add styles to the puml.ini configuration file, or create your own
  3. Run the script against your downloaded <ICONS_DIR> using your custom config


  1. Python 3


# Get OSA icons
mkdir ./OpenSecIcons/
mkdir ./OpenSecIcons/icons/
cd ./OpenSecIcons/icons/
unzip ./

# Get png to PlantUML conversion script
git clone
cd AWS-PlantUML

# Create PlantUML sprites from OSA png icons
python3 -c ./puml.ini ../OpenSecIcons/icons/ #icons output to ./dist/osa/

Example PlantUML Code and Diagram using these PlantUML icons

example screenshot from VisualStudio Code

All Icons

Below is what the icons look like - and the associated code.

all 1

all 2


!include ./arrow/green/left/left.puml
!include ./arrow/yellow/right/right.puml
!include ./awareness/awareness.puml
!include ./contract/contract.puml
!include ./database/database.puml
!include ./desktop/desktop.puml
!include ./desktop/imac/imac.puml
!include ./device_music/device_music.puml
!include ./device_scanner/device_scanner.puml
!include ./device_usb/device_usb.puml
!include ./device_wireless_router/device_wireless_router.puml
!include ./disposal/disposal.puml
!include ./drive_optical/drive_optical.puml
!include ./firewall/firewall.puml
!include ./hub/hub.puml
!include ./ics/drive/drive.puml
!include ./ics/plc/plc.puml
!include ./ics/thermometer/thermometer.puml
!include ./id/card/card.puml
!include ./laptop/laptop.puml
!include ./lifecycle/lifecycle.puml
!include ./lightning/lightning.puml
!include ./media_flash/media_flash.puml
!include ./media_optical/media_optical.puml
!include ./media_tape/media_tape.puml
!include ./mobile/pda/pda.puml
!include ./padlock/padlock.puml
!include ./printer/printer.puml
!include ./site_branch/site_branch.puml
!include ./site_factory/site_factory.puml
!include ./user/audit/audit.puml
!include ./user/black/hat/hat.puml
!include ./user/blue/blue.puml
!include ./user/blue/security/specialist/specialist.puml
!include ./user/blue/sysadmin/sysadmin.puml
!include ./user/blue/tester/tester.puml
!include ./user/blue/tie/tie.puml
!include ./user/green/architect/architect.puml
!include ./user/green/business/manager/manager.puml
!include ./user/green/developer/developer.puml
!include ./user/green/green.puml
!include ./user/green/operations/operations.puml
!include ./user/green/project/manager/manager.puml
!include ./user/green/service/manager/manager.puml
!include ./user/green/warning/warning.puml
!include ./user/large/group/group.puml
!include ./users/blue/green/green.puml
!include ./user/white/hat/hat.puml
!include ./vpn/vpn.puml
!include ./wireless/network/network.puml

Left: <$left>
Right: <$right>
Awareness: <$awareness>
Contract: <$contract>
Database: <$database>
Desktop: <$desktop>
Imac: <$imac>
Device_music: <$device_music>
Device_scanner: <$device_scanner>
Device_usb: <$device_usb>
Device_wireless_router: <$device_wireless_router>
Disposal: <$disposal>
Drive_optical: <$drive_optical>
Firewall: <$firewall>
Hub: <$hub>
Drive: <$drive>
Plc: <$plc>
Thermometer: <$thermometer>
Card: <$card>
Laptop: <$laptop>
Lifecycle: <$lifecycle>
Lightning: <$lightning>
Media_flash: <$media_flash>
Media_optical: <$media_optical>
Media_tape: <$media_tape>
Pda: <$pda>
Padlock: <$padlock>
Printer: <$printer>
Site_branch: <$site_branch>
Site_factory: <$site_factory>
Audit: <$audit>
Hat: <$hat>
Blue: <$blue>
Specialist: <$specialist>
Sysadmin: <$sysadmin>
Tester: <$tester>
Tie: <$tie>
Architect: <$architect>
Manager: <$manager>
Developer: <$developer>
Green: <$green>
Operations: <$operations>
Manager: <$manager>
Manager: <$manager>
Warning: <$warning>
Group: <$group>
Green: <$green>
Hat: <$hat>
Vpn: <$vpn>
Network: <$network>